Cloud WAN




Geographically distributed enterprises are embracing Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WANs) at an accelerating pace. Why? Because SD-WANs not only dramatically lower costs, they help businesses become more agile by enhancing business productivity.

As applications continue to move to the cloud, networking professionals are quickly realising that traditional WANs were never architected for a dynamic, internet-based environment. Backhauling traffic from the branch to headquarters to the internet and back again doesn’t make sense. Employees sometimes even find their business apps run faster at home or on their mobile devices than at the office.

With internet access redefining the economics of networking, the time is now to revisit the value of deploying broadband in the WAN.

BlueCloud’s Cloud WAN leverages SD-WAN technology and is designed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses with multi-service and multi-site applications. Cloud WAN offers a variety of access methods and speeds, plus multiple classes of service, and leverages ubiquitous IP networking to provide flexibility, scalability and ease of use. Whether you have two or multiple sites within your network, Cloud WAN will provide a secure, reliable solution to best maximise your investment towards connecting your business.


  • Cloud WAN is delivered with ease and transforms branch offices with ordinary broadband into enterprise-grade WAN
  • Enables your organisation to leverage cheaper, larger broadband bandwidth for WAN connectivity, enabling a much lower cost per bandwidth compared to traditional WAN.
  • Allows you to combine your voice, data and video requirements into a single converged infrastructure, reducing cost and complexity.
  • Avoidance of upfront investment in technology, maintenance and expensive equipment.


  • Optimise application performance over Internet links with secure access to enterprise and cloud applications such as AWS, Azure and Google.
  • Cloud WAN provides consolidated monitoring and visibility across multiple WAN links and service providers.
  • Proactive management ensuring faults and potential issues are identified before they impact your business.
  • Any software evaluations, upgrades or releases are managed for you with minimal disruption


  • Provision branch offices faster with automated zero-touch deployment, simplified configuration and centralised monitoring tools.
  • When rolling out a new location, even a temporary one such as a construction site office, a mall kiosk, or a week-long conference booth, network connectivity is a matter of minutes and cloud-based business and security policies are instantly enforced for the new location.
  • Enable multiple links, devices and services to coexist and interoperate with incumbent solutions and make the branch agile.


  • Cloud WAN implements end-to-end encryption across any network type. Everything that is part of this system is completely and securely authenticated.
  • It enables direct and secure communication among branches and data centers, as well as communication to the cloud via gateways. Not only are all devices and components are fully authenticated in the network, but the underlying traffic transported across that network is also encrypted.
  • Cloud WAN improves throughput and reliability by allowing dual internet connectivity including mixed backhaul technology such as VDSL or 3G/LTE.



A typical deployment with Cloud WAN consists of hardware or virtual devices installed at each of the client’s sites (edge) and networked with other devices located at the headquarters, data centers or recovery sites, or in the Cloud.

Cloud WAN allows each site to dynamically and transparently communicate with every other site. It has the ability to differentiate different types of packets across the network allowing you to scale and to prioritise traffic across the network.


Managed WAN

  • UFB 100 Mbps
  • WAN Router
  • Managed Service
  • FROM


  • Fibre / VDSL / 3G / 4G Access
  • WAN Router
  • Managed Service
  • FROM

Managed WAN (SLA Credits)

  • UFB 100 Mbps (BS3A)
  • WAN Router
  • Enhanced SLA
  • FROM


Can I use my Internet broadband as part of my WAN?

Yes, you can. In addition to enabling customers to leverage multiple forms of connectivity, Cloud WAN also uses path conditioning techniques to help make Internet connections perform like private-lines. The additional encryption and WAN hardening features also addresses any security concerns associated with using the public Internet for your WAN.

How does Cloud WAN save customers money?

Firstly, bandwidth savings that are achieved by using inexpensive broadband connectivity instead of costly MPLS services.  This reduces the monthly recurring costs for bandwidth.
Secondly, CAPEX savings achieved as customers move to a “thin branch” architecture that eliminates the need for dedicated branch routers and firewalls. This lets companies choose the best model for their budget and objectives. CAPEX savings are also achieved from Cloud WAN’s subscription pricing model, avoiding expensive connectivity and equipment costs up-front.