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Cyber Security

March 19, 2018, Written by 0 comment

Cyber security is one of the priority concerns of many businesses currently. The invention of modern technology, coupled with the high rate of internet uptake has created a large online space that is being exploited for various reasons. The concept of cyber security entails various strategies applied in protecting technological devices, networks, computer programs and data stored in databases from unauthorised access.

Cyber attacks are mainly used for exploitation purposes. Over the years, cyber security has developed a lot in terms of the elements it covers and its value to the success of web based businesses. One of its major areas is application security, which involves various techniques used in the design, development, application, and maintenance of applications in a bid to protect it from any form of infringement. Techniques used to achieve this feat include user authentication and input validation.

Another major area of this concept is information security, which focuses on protecting data available online and stored in computers from being accessed by unauthorised parties. This plays a crucial role in preventing identity theft, as well as ensuring the privacy of businesses. Information security is achieved through analysing and deciphering codes, ciphers, and cryptograms. Ciphers refer to information written in a secret code, while cryptograms refer to a piece of writing in cipher. In addition, information security is achievable through identification, authentication and authorisation of a user. This ensures that information is only accessed authorised parties.  

        Cyber security also involves disaster recovery, which entails the process of assessing any possible risks for a business operating online, identifying the priority areas, as well as establishing the most effective disaster preparedness and recovery strategies. According to technological experts, businesses that have a recovery plan tends to benefit a lot from their operations because it ensures they can manage to resume their operations within the shortest time possible following a cyber attack.

The other pillar of this concept is network security, which focuses on the need to establish good use of a network. In addition, it focuses on ensuring the safety, reliability and authenticity of any network that is in use. Network security plays a pivotal role in the success of a business because it screens any possible threats before an attack is launched. Some of the tools used in achieving network security include anti-virus software, firewall that applies in stopping unauthorised access, and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).  In addition, Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPNs) also apply in network security by scanning for threats.

Ensuring cyber security is of paramount importance to every business because it controls the degree to which unauthorised parties have physical access to its hardware, as well as averting any form of attacks that may be launched through network access. Due to the increased usage and over reliance on computer technology for business operations in the world today, technology experts argue that it is necessary for businesses to invest further in their cyber security strategies. This call has been necessitated by the high rate of technological advancements that have seen the incorporation of wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, WI-Fi, as well as smart devices that include smart phones and digital televisions.

Over the years, systems in financial institutions, aviation industry, automobile companies, government institutions and healthcare providers have repeatedly been targeted by cyber attackers in a bid to gain access to crucial information that they use for criminal activities.